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We are a group of clinical students at the University of Cambridge with a passion for medical education.

We run the Society for the benefit of all medical students at Cambridge - from freshers just starting the journey to finalists preparing for the job.

To do so, we run programmes - including some of our own design - that allow medical students to take part in teaching, as well as providing additional learning resources. Further, we recognise excellent teaching through awards.


Jay Mehta


My job as president is to take responsibility for all the bad things and praise my committee for all the good things... But in all seriousness, my main role is to have an oversight over everything we do, so if you have any questions or need to talk to someone but you're not sure which of us to contact, feel free to drop me an email and I'll do whatever I can to help

Sophie Jackman


Hi, I'm Sophie, MedEd Secretary, and in between writing up minutes and endless doodle polls I'm happy to reply to any queries you might have and help you find the contact you need. Other things about me are that I hate writing personal bios, love medical education and have mild grapheme-colour synaesthesia (which is useless for revising medicine but useful for remembering dates).

Helena Sivaloganathan


Hi I'm Helena, I'm a 5th year medical student and the society's treasurer. I mainly seek out sponsorship and manage the budget, to make sure we can bring you loads of events to do with teaching and education!

Max Bacon

MVST 1a Associate Clinical Supervision Co-ordinator

Hey I'm Max, and I am running the MVST1a Associate supervisor programme with Katie. I really wanted to do this as I felt clinical experience was definitely lacking in undergrad but it's the best part of being a doctor, I think! I generally help with the soc in whatever way people want and teach on the Path and Year 4 ICS programmes. I am also doing a little bit of research into what we have learnt from the Near-Pear supervisions the society are involved with.

Katie Hocking

MVST 1a Associate Clinical Supervision Co-ordinator and Clinical Simulation Team

So I'm Katie, and I work alongside Max to ensure the MVST1a teaching programme runs smoothly. Other than that, we help out with events and general grunt work which needs doing. Drop us a message if you have any queries about the programme (or if you're just lonely).

Venetia D'Arcy

Clinical Pathology Supervision Co-ordinator

Hi I'm Venetia, and I am the co-ordinator for both the Stage 2 Pathology Supervision scheme and the new Year 4 Integrated Clinical Scenario Supervision scheme. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any queries about either scheme and I’ll do my best to help!

Sai Eleti

Events Co-ordinator

Josh Wade

Events Co-ordinator

Hi I'm Josh. Along with Sai I'm in charge of organising as much free food as possible as well as some interesting speakers to listen to while eating the food. I'm excited to run a wide range of events both about education as a medical student and careers in education and teaching. I'm very happy to hear from anyone with an idea for an event they would like to see.

Contact Me:

Alan Campbell

Clinical Simulation Lead, Tech Co-ordinator

I'm passionate about medical education and helping my peers prepare for the complex scenarios we'll face as junior doctors. I founded and lead the Cambridge Undergraduate Simulation Program to achieve this. I also designed and maintain EdMedSoc's branding and online presence. Drop by my site to keep in touch or have a look at my med school notes if you're struggling for resources!

Meghavi Mashar

Part II Outreach

Hello, my name is Meghavi Mashar, I'm a 5th year medical student and the co-ordinator for the Part II teaching scheme pilot, aimed to enthuse Part II students for clinical school! Any queries, contact me!

Steph Taylor

Year 4 Clinical Simulation Representative

My name is Stephanie Taylor and I am a 4th year clinical student from Girton College. I am the Year 4 Rep for the new 'Acute Care Scenario Simulation' Programme, which will be launched in February 2016.


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