The waiting is over! Here's the list of candidates for next year's EdMedSoc committee - please do vote!

President: Sophie Jackman - Manifesto

Vice-President: Ibrahim Abbass Manifesto, Saigeet Eleti Manifesto

Secretary: Ali Abdaal Manifesto

Treasurer: Lukasz Zielinski Manifesto

Events Officer: Josh Wade Manifesto

Webmaster: ? No applicants! Apply now if you want to take part - cumededsoc-president #at# srcf.net

You can vote from midday on Friday (20th May) until midday on Monday (23rd May), through the following link, all clinical medics and members of EdMedSoc are eligible to vote: https://www.vote.cusu.cam.ac.uk/edmedsoc/15-16/committee/

Email me with any ICE, and good luck to all our applicants! EdMedSoc

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Date Submitted: 16th May, 2016


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