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Medical Education Society - yet another committee is recruiting!

Want to be part of the committee that organises regular supervisions for over 600 students with 150 different supervisors? Want to get involved in running exciting events and conducting your own medical education research? Want to develop new teaching schemes that the Clinical School will eventually steal because it's better than their own teaching? Then join our committee!

We're recruiting for the following positions:

• President (jkm50)

• Vice-President (jkm50)

• Secretary (sj400)

• Treasurer (hks29)

• Events Officer(s) - more than one position available (se317 & jw737)

• Webmaster (ac824)

• Year 5 ICS Supervision Scheme Lead(s) - more than one position available (vd248)

• Year 4 ICS Supervision Scheme Lead(s) - more than one position available (vd248)

• Part 2 Associate Clinical Supervision Lead(s) - more than one position available (mm897, mb808, kch30)

To find out what each role entails check out our website:

You can apply in pairs for the roles where more than one position is available, or by yourself. You can also apply for multiple roles, just make it obvious on your manifesto what your order of preference is.

To apply please send a manifesto (max of 1 side of A4) to Jay Mehta at by midnight on Sunday 8th May. Voting will open after this date.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour! EdMedSoc

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Date Submitted: 1st May, 2016


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