Cambridge Undergraduate Simulation Programme


The Cambridge Undergraduate Simulation Programme is a brand new, ambitious venture from the Ed Med Soc.

There is a paucity of clinical simulation in the Cambridge clinical course - a problem that we aim to fix.

Our long term vision is to develop a student-run programme of clinical simulation (from acute care to softer skills) that will run year-on-year for the benefit of Cambridge clinical students. Working on a mixed peer and near-peer teaching model, final year medical students will organise regular sessions for interested peers. The organisers will also seek input from qualified clinicians and experienced simulation facilitators, ensuring robust, realistic training.


Join us on Saturday 20 February 2016 to learn how to facilitate simulation sessions and join our Student Faculty.

You will participate in our four scenarios, with the student taking lead rotating between scenarios. You will experience the immersion that simulation provides and learn how to run these sessions for your peers. Note, as the event is free, no refreshments can be provided.

As members of our Student Faculty, you will be required to run a minimum of one session each, per term, for your student peers - starting in March 2016. You will receive a certificate to evidence your training and feedback to evidence your teaching. For current Stage 2s: you will be required to run sessions during your final year; we have applied for recognition of your sessions for 2016/2017 Learning to Teach - watch this space!

Stage 2s will run sessions throughout the next academic year, as well as the remainder of 2015/2016. Stage 3s will only be required to run sessions for the remainder of this year but are expected to take on an advisory role for the Stage 2s, to help them with their scenarios during the rest of this year to ensure they are up and running independently after the Stage 3s leave.


To train our Student Faculty, we require a faculty of qualified clinicians and experienced simulation team members. Please get in touch if you are interested in training our students on 20 February 2016 and/or would like to act as points of contact for students' future sessions.

Our event on 20 February 2016 will run from ca. 0900 to 1730, with four groups of four rotating in the AM and another set of groups in the PM. You will run a scenario (with a peer, if numbers allow), which will be provided to you ahead of time, for an entire circuit. If you can facilitate both the AM and PM sessions, you may request to change scenario in the PM but we note that this would require familiarising yourself with two scenarios.

You will receive a certificate evidencing that you have trained our facilitators - and our eternal gratitude!

Please get in touch should you like to learn more.

Alan - alancam (a t) DOCTORS . org . uk


Programme Directors

    • Alan Campbell - Programme Lead
    • Katie Hocking
    • Steph Taylor
    • Dan Jefferji
    • Nathan Hudson-Peacock

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