Integrated Clinical Scenario Supervision Scheme


The Integrated Clinical Scenario Supervision Scheme is a new programme introduced this year, which aims to help the Year 4s to start to integrate the Pathology, Biochemistry, Haematology, and Radiology that they are learning as they begin their clinical studies in an informal and interactive setting. The supervisions are run by Stage 3 (Final Year) Students, and are based on a series of case-presentations. We chose to focus on a few important, common conditions in detail, so as to be able to explore the links between the clinical and pathological aspects of these presentations. First we discuss the history, examination, and investigations, then the underlying pathology and sometimes the management of each condition. These discussions can act as a spring-board for discussions of wider differential diagnoses, and similar presentations. We hope that these supervisions will give the Year 4 students more confidence and enthusiasm to integrate their clinical and pathological learning throughout their clinical studies.

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Date Submitted: 1st Mar, 2016


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